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We are a full service, national, cloud based Wealth Creation Firm. Our purpose is to produce financially educated and solvent families who achieve greater financial freedom in life and help share the truth about money with others around them. 

Led by our Owners and Co-Founders, Jerry & Lexy Fetta, we helped clients across the country with everything from budgeting, to saving, to tax planning, and investing! 

We believe that the mainstream financial services industry as we know it is outdated and illegitimate for the purposes of building true financial wealth. 

At first look, we may seem and feel like a financial advisor, but there is a definite difference. Most are not aware of the difference between a Financial Advisor and a Family Office. 

A Financial Advisor is a salesperson who works for someone else and has lots of licenses and pedigree who sells you financial products for a commission or fee.

A Family Office is owned, run, and staffed by the family. Financial services are determined by what's in the best interest of the family by the family. The problem is to be a Family Office, the average family needs a net worth of at least $10 million. 

Wealth DynamX took the concept of the Family Office and made it accessible and affordable to anyone who desires control over their finances. 

We like to say, we are like a financial advisor but better. 

Here's why.

Jerry Fetta
Co-Founder & CEO
I help clients all over the country simplify their money, so they can stop losing money to financial institutions, and ultimately USE their money to build wealth now.

In addition to being a business owner, I am also a husband to my wife and business partner Lexy. We have 2 dogs and a cat.

I also love fitness and working out. I was a competitive bodybuilder for years and still lift today. Aside from finances, business, fitness, and time with friends and family I spend about 12-15 hours per week studying.

I like to study books on human behavior, finances, and biographies from those who came before me. I live my life in pursuit of helping other become truly financially free so they can live the lives the dream of instead of the lives they can merely afford.

Own your potential, Jerry
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Lexy Fetta
Co-Founder & Director of Administration
I live in Tampa, Florida with my husband and partner in Wealth DynamX as well as our 2 dogs and 1 cat.

I grew up poor and around poverty so having experienced what that was like, I wanted to create a better life for myself and my family. It was a long road with A LOT of challenges along the way but I worked and studied hard to become financially literate and put myself and family in a better financial position.

However, shortly after, I realized that there's a bigger game to play and that I need to help others do the same for themselves. That is why I co-founded Wealth DynamX in 2014 and officially joined the company in 2016 so we can fulfill this mission.

Our company Wealth DynamX is the only company in the world out there focused on helping people become financially literate AND attain greater financial freedom for themselves. That is my mission in life.

I love that I get to be a big part of not only revolutionizing an entire industry but helping people HAVE financial freedom and build a legacy for themselves.

My favorite part of my job is seeing the lives of my clients literally change before me as they achieve their financial goals with the completion of each Blueprint Phase.

I believe that all good and hard working people do not deserve to be slaved to our suppressive, financial system. I work hard so that I can help these people create financial security and financial freedom for themselves and their families.

In my free time I like to shoot guns, travel and see new places.

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Neno Aquino
Client Acquisition Manager
I always wanted to do well financially. I had initially met Jerry at a conference in Miami and getting to know him and seeing how much he had accomplished at such a young age, knowing how hard I work on myself, there was something he must know that I didn't. So, I ended up becoming a client first.

My job is one of constant growth and very demanding. It's one of the things I was attracted to the work environment: growth. It's a way of life for me. Growing and expanding in different dynamics. This career aligns with it because everyone is on the same purpose.

I love learning and helping other people. When other people are winning with finances and their lives are better and I was part of it, it's very fulfilling.

I want to fulfill my potential as a human being and take care of my family financially. I cannot do that without serving others. I love to inspire others and I aim to do that by the way I live my life, setting an example for what's possible.

In my free time, I love to stay active. BBQ, going to the beach, paddle boarding, going to the gym, spending time with family, friends and my dog. I also enjoy watching sports, documentaries, thrillers and learning about the mafia.

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Arriane Bay-ed
Director of Admin Assistant
Wealth DynamX has helped me grow on a personal level and has helped my family financially as well.

This job allows me to show what I am capable of.

I love virtually meeting people, studying finances and business administration courses.

I am motivated by all the Wealth DynamX clients who acknowledge how I help them.

I am happy to have been working here for 5 years and look forward to many more years ahead.

In my free time I love to read, surf the internet, create and listen to poetry.
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Svetlana Olenchuk
Assistant to Director of Operations
Finances is this over overcomplicated area mainly due to too much false information. Helping others to get clear on how to correctly grow their wealth and control financial flows is very rewarding and exciting. I was attracted to the financial industry & Wealth DynamX because I am confident I can get good results in this area.

The know-how is unique and out competes any similar offers on the market - we deliver knowledge on how one gets from debts up to investing and earning passive income. All this can be done by client himself because we teach him and provide all the needed vendors to resolve his particular financial situation.

My favorite part of my job is interacting with clients and learning new things.

I believe able people should be supported and invested into, this way the economy will grow and the world will be more stable and happier.

In my free time I love to read books.

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Robert Hoy
CEO Assistant & Marketing Manager
I grew up in California and moved to Florida when I was a teenager. In school I was always interested & excelled in math, science, computers and economics. I loved computers so much at a young age, that I saved up money & when I was 10 years old I bought my very first computer.

I have been in marketing and digital advertising professionally since 2009.

I am the CEO Assistant & Marketing Manager of Wealth DynamX.

I was attracted to Wealth DynamX because of the unique approach that they have in regards to finances, wealth, saving and investing. The companies focus on financial education as a top priority was different from any other companies in the industry and is key to empowering our clients to be in control of their financial future.

I am motivated to work hard for our clients because of the big challenge we are up against in regards to financial education and putting people in control of their money.

Way too many people in America are in debt and they usually do not have a plan or way out. We offer people a way out of debt and how to be free from all financial traps and to be able to build wealth for themselves and their future generations.

My favorite part of my job is pushing our message out to the world. I have the awesome task of spreading what we can do for people to anyone that might need help with their finances.

In my free time I love spending time with my 2 kids, playing baseball, traveling & working on my house.

Our Values:

For one, we believe finances are data oriented. Everything depends on your goals, your situation, and what's need to get you from where you are, to your goals. So we base all of our services off of understanding where you are and helping you get where you need to go based on what makes the most logical sense. 

Secondly, we believe in correctly estimating your time frame. Too many people believe blindly that retirement is age 60 or 65. Well we don't want you retired, we want you FREE. And what if you want to be free sooner than age 65? It's possible, but that means each financial project in your life needs a timeline that aligns with your ultimate goal of financial freedom. 

Third, we believe in the truth. The truth is not the most favored concept in the financial world. But here's the thing. If finances are data driven, what happens if the data is false? So we want the truth about your goals and situation, we provide the truth about the financial world around you, and we tell you the truth about what our services can and can't do. 

Fourth, we believe in doing things in the right order. Everything in life has a method and order of importance. Finances are no different. So we help you understand what order to go in and what steps to take so you can simplify your life and stay more organized financially. 

And lastly, we believe in focusing on what matters when it matters. If you're in massive consumer debt, we probably don't need to be talking to you about retirement accounts. If you're overpaying in taxes, having a conversation about insurance isn't going to help. We get right to the root of your financial goals and problems so we can solve them right away. 

In summary, we are here to partner with you to help you achieve your wealth goals and ultimately financial freedom. We are similar to a financial advisor in the sense that we are going to work with you 1 on 1 with your finances, but we are different because of the 5 points above, but also don't like the IRS, Banks, & Wall Street very much so you won't hear us telling you to give any of them money. 

But what's identical are your goals and our goals, because it is our goal to help you achieve yours. 

Our Location:

6421 N. Florida Ave Ste D PMB 1169 Tampa, FL 33604

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