The Blueprint To Financial Freedom

A step-by-step guide toward achieving passive income that exceeds savings, expenses, & taxes

Personal Finance. One of the simplest topics in existence but for the average person, for some reason, also one of the most elusive in application….

It is clear to see that regardless of how simple money is or isn’t, something is not working. It’s kind of like a house. Looking at a house all of us can


how it was built. But the question is, “can I build one”?

How To Create Wealth

Learn the foundation of wealth creation, how to earn more money today, how to save and invest like the top 1% and gain access to secrets unknown to the middles class. In order to create wealth you need the habits, the guidance and the right information. This book will get you there.

How To Protect Yourself From Bank Failures

Did you know that banks make 400%-1300% on the money you deposit with them? Yet somehow, over 560 banks have managed to fail. This guide is going to show you how to bypass banks as the financial middleman in your life so you can control your financial future.

You will learn:

  • What banks do with money you deposit

  • Just how risky it can be to put money in a checking or savings account

  • The truth about FDIC insurance

  • A 200 year old strategy to never have to leave your money in a bank again and secure your financial future!

Client Testimonials

Clarence Fields

I read a lot of books on building wealth, most of them are all about theory and I can usually pull out one or two good ideas that give me some traction. Jerry's books, The Blueprint to Financial Freedom and How to Create Wealth, stand out for the how and the why. They are far more than just theory, they bring it all together in a well organized, step by step, cohesive package. They've clarified what I've done and why I did it and more importantly, shine a light going forward on what my next actions are to building serious wealth. Thank you Jerry!

Kelly Lann Caraway

The Blueprint has been so instrumental in giving me clear goals, step by step, and knowing I can ignore the plethora of ads out there to teach me how to become wealthy and to invest. Now I can focus and concentrate. And the staff goes overboard to offer help. You will not end up forgotten as "past customer".

Craig Baird

I had the opportunity to read the Wealth DynamX book "The Blueprint To Financial Freedom". I was quite surprised to find out the information supplied in that book. I had always known that I wasn't being told the truth about money and the ways it is used and manipulated. This was a breath of fresh air. This is the kind of information that should made known to all people - especially younger people so they can make well informed decisions that will build their lives and make them a lot happier as they go through life. I feel the information in that book is priceless. Everyone should read and know this.

Thank you.


Before knowing about Wealth Dynamx I was completely illiterate when it came to finances. I started watching Jerry’s videos and became more interested so I took the next step and read “The Blueprint To Financial Freedom” and it blew my mind. I now have a sacred account and am working towards financial freedom.

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